Sunday, March 15, 2009

Promote your Etsy products

This site is targeting at Etsy buyers, not sellers. We will be featuring etsy items that are leading the latest trends for the buyers to get the latest and hottest and the trendist stuff. Currently, we only promote Etsy stores.

Showcase your featured product on "Etsy Trends" is easy.
We use Etsy's mini html code to synchronize with the order of your featured items in Etsy store. The best part is, if the item is sold. The next one on the list will be displayed automatically.

You don't need to creat a banner or button for us. The only thing we need is your store ID. It can be found in the Etsy Mini section under Promotion of your left navigation. Choose "Item from my store" and any image size, the generated code should look like this: "". The xxxxxx is your store ID. (number of digits may vary depending on when you joined Etsy)

Price: 1 week: $2USD; 2 weeks: $3USD; 4 weeks: $5USD
(space is limited and price may change in future.)

When you make your payment via Paypal to, include your Etsy user ID and duration of promotion in the comment section. You can also Email us this information, but please use the same email as your paypal account so we know who your are paying for. :-) You ad will start within 2 days upon receiving of your payment.

Wish you a great year in sales.



    I'd like one month for 5 USD.
    Anything else you need from me?


    One month for me too, please for $5

    This looks like a great blog, good luck!


    One month for me too

    I agree this is very nice!

  4. I would do one month too!

  5. I would like to do one month for $5 please...


  6. Are the Etsy Mini ads still being accepted?
    I would like to place ads for...

  7. For sure! Please send your payment to